Thurlestone Parish Council


Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on

Monday 6th September 2010 at 7.30pm in Thurlestone Parish Hall Thurlestone


Present: Cllr Rhymes (Chairman), Cllr Marshall (Vice Chairman), Cllrs Hurrell, Mitchelmore, Stidston, Came and Hugo


Apologies: None 


In Attendance: Phil Millard (Clerk), PC Steve Mullen, PCSO Dave Gibson and 12 members of Public  


Declaration of Interest:  NONE.


The Chairman opened the meeting at 7.30pm and welcomed everyone.


1.    Open Forum


There has been a proliferation of posters on telegraph poles which it was felt was having an adverse effect on the look of the Village – these signs are unauthorised fly posters and can be taken down.


There has been no progress re Signs- the numerous No Parking ones through the Village – these will allow Parking after September in places where it is impossible to park. John Halliday (Chief Engineer) was approached last year about this and wanted us to go back to him with proposals first. It was felt that a face to face meeting is needed to sort it out but Cllrs should have a look at it first to come up with some ideas as to what we think we need.


Parking in Bantham is a problem as well – problem there is all the yellow lines – so nowhere to park at all even for residents. This can be discussed with John Halliday as well.


A further problem in Thurlestone is the virtual pavement markings through the Village – ie Cars ignore them – it was suggested that perhaps studs could be put on the lines so cars become aware they are there. Again this can be raised with John Halliday.


Court Lane is becoming a real problem and needs to be resurfaced. This is a private road and Cllr Stitson will take it up with the liquidators (Richard Hickey).    




2.     The minutes of the Parish Council meetings held on Monday 5th July and 23rd August 2010 were agreed as a true record with no alternations and signed by the Chairman.




3.    Matters Arising:

a)    Parish Hall – Report by Cllr Hurrell


Mike Yeoman has completed painting the Parish Hall and has been paid. Will need some railings sorted out in due course.

Will keep the hiring of the hall the same as previous year.

There is to be a fire check on the Hall this Friday.     



b)    Highways – Cllr Marshall


Sign post near Huxton Wood pointing to South Milton is damaged and needs to be reported.

Is not in our parish but will ask Mike Watts to have a look.


Fence at the back of Woodlands in West Buckland is being damaged by large vans and lorries on a regular basis – can we take up with Highways.


Glebe Field  - Holes in the road are very bad now due to work vans and lorries using it whilst work being carried out at the school. Will need to be resurfaced – will ask Mike Watts to have a look at.


Parkfield – people are using parking spaces for Tor Homes residents – asked if we could arrange for a sign to say Private Parking Only – Tor Homes. Will need to contact Tor Homes


c)    Footpaths & Heritage Coast


Badger Hole – have had a response from District Council but no action is to be taken and they have advised that hole in path is easily seen and avoided.



d)    School – Cllr Rhymes



Now in final Purple Phase  - Last classroom should be done by Xmas. Work has              fallen behind schedule but they are catching up. On the travel front  school is in negotiation with Tally Ho to see if charges can be reduced or waived to encourage more pupil usage. This could reduce cars being used to bring children to school by 20. 





e)    Trees – Cllr Mitchelmore


Has been quiet during summer but would appreciate Simon Putt or Ken Carter coming to say our November meeting to give us an idea of what they do and also address some issues we are concerned about. Clerk to write



f)     Parish Plan/Best Kept Village –Cllr Marshall  


Draft Plan has now been published and circulated. Need feedback asap on action plan – Section 5 – what we want under short, Medium & Long Term.


Thulestone has won the best kept village competition !!! We won the large Village section in competition with 22 other Villages. We will get a shield and a certificate which we will try to arrange to be presented at the Autumn Fair on 25th September.

Special thanks to POTS and Julian Lee for all their hard work – Clerk to write thank you letters.


g)    Forward Development Plan – Cllr Came 


Proposals now with Secretary of State. Planning inspectorate to review plans.Meetings in November. On the 21st September  there is a meeting at Follaton House to put timetable/schedule in place – no proposals will be discussed. Public can still lobby District councillors regarding the plans.





4.District Councillor’s Report  


Not present.



5.Police Business


PC Steve Mullen - reported it was reasonably quiet over the summer. There was a couple of drink drive incidents and a bungalow in Parkfield had a window broken by a stone thrown from field at back. 15 Crimes reported this year which is down on last year.

On the Avon Estuary illegal netting has been taking place and PC Rachel Ward has set up a marine watch and also the police are marking boats as a crime prevention exercise.

Still continue to attend coffee mornings at church hall on Wednesdays.


6. Any other Business by Direction of Chairman


Allotments – have advised Mitchelmore Hughes of residents interested in allotments re land at Thurlestone Glebe in West Buckland. However have advised them that we are currently looking at possibly providing allotments in Thurlestone if land becomes available.


Have received response from Evans Estates regarding collection of seaweed from Bantham and they are not adverse to individuals collecting seaweed on a modest scale for enrichment of soil in private gardens but they would need to discuss the matter beforehand with Mr Ryan Cooper so directors are aware of what is going on!


A street sign has been erected at Sea View Terrace outside number 6 – unfortunately it is against Mr Yeomans outbuilding for which he has planning permission to put a door out onto the pavement. He has advised DC that if he goes ahead at some point in the future and puts the door in – he will move sign to a more suitable position to accommodate the door. This was confirmed as OK with DC.


Cllr Mitchelmore has been approached by several ladies! Regarding the bus which runs from Village to Kingsbridge daily – it is rumoured that the 5.30 one is to be cut. Leaving the morning and mid- day service. This would mean anyone traveling say to Plymouth (Hospital) would not be able to get back. Will E mail our District councillor and ask if she can look into it for us.  


7. Planning


Application 55/1966/10/F – Resubmission of application 55/0735/10/F for alterations to dwelling                       and landscaping works to garden (Extension to balcony and changes to window patterns) to Aune Cross Cottage, Bantham TQ7 3AD by Mr & Mrs P J McCarthy



Application  Withdrawn - 55/1095/10/F – Construction of new holiday lodge – Buckland Park, Bantham TQ7 3AB by Mr & Mrs C J Miller. 



Planning Granted


Application - 55/1039/10F Alteration & Extension to West Wing, Warren Road, Thurlestone TQ7 3NT by Mr & Mrs f Walker


Application - 55/1183/10/F Extension to Harcourt Cottage, Bantham TQ7 3AD by Mr & Mrs G Gilbert


Application – 55/1068/10/F Extension, Conservatory and garage 9 Court Park, Thurlestone TQ7 3LX by Mr & Mrs D J Beanland.


Application - 55/1415/10/MIN Non Material minor amendment to application 55/0055/10F for alterations to Dairy Cottage, Thurlestone TQ7 3LT


Application - 55/1585/10/AG  Case officer report- Refurbishment of Barn, Higher Aunemouth, Bantham TQ7 3AD by  Mr A Williams – prior approval not required. 


Application 55/1429/10/F erection of garden fence Bolt View, Glebe Field, Thurlestone TQ7 3NA by Mr & Mrs R K Prowse


Application 55/1428/10/F Erection of safety fence alongside 18th Tee on Golf Course by Thurlestone Golf Club, Thurlestone TQ7 3NZ







8.Finance:  Permission was asked to pay:



Thurlestone Parish Hall hire of main hall -                                                                            £20.00

P Hurrell Building Contractors – Clean/stain benches- Pump House &  bus shelter   £241.93

SHDC agreed annual cont towards play area inspection                                                  £117.50

DCC one quarters rent re school playing field                                                                      £20.00

Parish Clerk Salary  - July to Sept                                                                                        £1014.76


                                                                                                           Total       £ 1414.19









Letter to Evans Estate re collection of Seaweed dated 7th July

E mail dated 9th July  re Badger Hole on coastal path

Letter dated 15th July re Autumn Fair raffle – Parish Hall

Letter dated 19th July from Planning re wall and gate at Quayle, Bantham

E mail dated 21st July from Planning re The Stables, Sea View Terrace

Letter dated 22nd July from Mitchelmore Hughes re Thurlestone Glebe

Notice from Area Highway Management re road closure in West Buckland.

Letter dated 27th July from SHDC – re housing surgery 29th & 30th September

Letter from SHDC dated 2nd August  re Stokenham Pilot

Letter from DCC dated 5th August re Footpath 20 & 4 and No 13.

Letter from SHDC  12TH August  - Agreed annual contribution towards play areas owned by Parish councils.

Letter  from SHDC 12th August – re local development framework.

Letter from Michelmore Hughes re collection of Seaweed from Bantham Beach

Letter to Planning re Dormers application 55/1619/10/F.

Letter to J Aylett re Thurlestone Glebe dated 27th August     

Environment Agency invitation – Emergency Planning Session









Thurlestone Parish Plan 2010 – Draft

SHDC – Local Development Framework – Development Plan Document July 2010

SHDC – Minutes of Executive meeting 22nd July

SHDC – Executive Forward Plan

SHDC – Help with Bills -Council tax benefit

Tor Homes  - Fun Day poster 

South Hams magazine

Clerks& Councils Direct

The Playing Field

Policing your Neighbourhood Aug 2010 






To confirm the date, time and place of the next Parish Council Meeting as Monday 4th October 2010 at 7.30pm Thurlestone Parish Hall











7th September  2010                                                      …………………………………………………………………………..